Thursday, June 9, 2016

Antique Medical Cabinet

Antique wooden medical cabinet or first aid cabinet in old cracked cream colored paint with remnants of old green paint underneath.

It features a glass door with a glass knob and two drawers with porcelain knobs. The cabinet is heavy and very sturdy. There is a strip of wood on one side which is held on with two screws. I believe there may have been another part to this cabinet and that this strip of wood was used to support a shelf that ran between both parts. It can easily be removed.

This is such a wonderfully versatile piece. It would be lovely for displaying collections or used in a kitchen or bathroom as a functional piece.

Overall dimensions are 22" tall by 12" wide by 12" deep.

The inside of the cabinet measures 11 1/2" tall by 10 " wide by 10" deep (front to back).

The inside of the drawers measure 3" tall by 9" wide by 10" deep (front to back).

c. Early 1900s


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