Friday, January 29, 2016

c. Early 1900s European Goat Cart, Potato Wagon, or Hay Wagon

Antique European goat cart - potato wagon or hay wagon, c. early 1900s.

Used on farms and in gardens throughout Europe during the early 20th century. These handmade carts were used primarily for hay and to transport feed and produce to and from villages. They were multi-functional and are known by different names. Some refer to them as goat carts while others call them potato wagons or hay wagons. These days they are used primarily for decorative purposes. They are lovely when filled with gourds and pumpkins in a fall display or with potted spring flowering plants spilling over the edge on a front porch or in a garden.

This cart is in great condition for the age. The hand-hewn wood is weathered and the metal components are rusty. There is one small chunk of wood missing and an early repair ( see the fourth photo). This is characteristic of something of this age that was heavily used and it only adds to the charm of the piece. All and all this primitive piece of farm equipment has been well care for over the years.

The cart is approximately 39" long by 24" wide by 22" tall.

The pull handle is 31" long.

The front wheels are 14" in diameter.

The back wheels are 16" in diameter.

PLEASE NOTE: For shipping purposes I may need to remove the the pull handle. It's held on with a single nut and bolt and will be very simple to reattach when it arrives. The assembly is fairly self-explanatory.


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