Friday, October 15, 2010

Pair of Antique Composition Baby Dolls

I love these dolls! Mainly because of their sweet faces and their true vintage condition. If you're like me, and love your antique and vintage wares to show the character that only comes from a lifetime of good use, then these dolls are for you! Their faces are weathered and the linen dresses are a bit stained and tattered.

They would be perfect in a child's room or as a decorative accent in your vintage inspired cottage.

Each doll measures 16" tall. One has brown molded hair and the other has blond molded hair. Both dolls have blue eyes that close when you lay them down (sleep eyes I believe they are called). The doll with the blond hair is marked "Horsman" and the other is unmarked. In addition, the brown haired baby may have been a "mama doll," as a small round box can be felt inside her tummy. Mama dolls made a noise which sounded like "mama" when the doll was picked up or shaken.

c. 1930's or 1940's


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